Are we Package Designers or Garbage Designers?

Scott Boylston

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Episodio notes

Scott Boylston is co-author and graduate coordinator of the Design for Sustainability program at Savannah College of Art and Design, a transdisciplinary design program focused on facilitation change through systems thinking, design strategy, and behavior change.

He’s the author of four books including one on sustainable package design, and his latest, “Designing with Society: A Capabilities Approach to Design, Systems Thinking and Social Innovation.”

In this episode, he describes an innovation framework to achieve triple impact when it comes to designing sustainable packaging. He also tells me why he thinks the new generations will drive a paradigm shift in consumption.

Scott is the founder and president emeritus of Emergent Structures (and its offshoot Re:Purpose Savannah), an award-winning non-profit organization that facilitates the deconstruction of unwanted housing stock and the innova­tive repurposing of the resulting materials into community-based resources through multi-stakeholder engagement. He is principal at BC+D, a sustainable innovation consultancy, and partner in two regenerative food equity start-ups focused on creating closed-loop, regionalized food system innovations.

Scott’s design writing has been featured in design journals such as Design Observer, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, Sustainable Brands, and Core 77. He speaks internationally on design and sustainability, including a Design for Sustainability course on LinkedIn Learning.

Scott is on the Board of Directors of Catapult Design, a National Design Award-winning non-profit design agency, and a member of the Founders Circle of the Winterhouse Institute. He has served on the state board of directors for USGBC-Georgia and the Governing Council of the National Academy of Environmental Design.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.