Closer to the Heart of the Brand

Fe Amarante

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Episode notes

Fe Amarante is a Brazilian designer and currently Sr. Creative Director & Head of Brand Design at Danone North America.

Fe has extensive experience in brand building, consumer brands, identity development, and brand world creation, alongside life skills around acting as a diplomat and interpreter between business and creative languages.

In this episode, we discuss why bringing a human approach to the way creative ideas are born, nurtured, and grown is key to achieving great design solutions. She also explains why a lot of times the design logic doesn’t follow the consumer feeling. And she shares with me why she thinks the client-agency model is broken and the potential solutions to fix it.

Fe has crafted and re-imagined identity systems and brand worlds for global iconic brands. She has also helped various organizations find their true authentic expressions, translated to the world through d

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

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