Increase Value, Decrease Waste

Uwe Melichar

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Episode notes

Why do brands struggle with sustainability? Uwe Melichar is a German sustainable packaging design expert, president of the European Brand & Packaging Design Association, and a long-standing member of the Red Dot jury.

Uwe is focused on sustainable packaging solutions for international brands. Together with his team at MELICHAR Bros., he develops packaging and communication design for clients in Japan, Russia, China, the USA, and various European countries.

In this episode, we discuss what “sustainable packaging” should be. We reflect on how to help consumer brands in the transition to a circular economy model. Finally, we understand why the word ‘waste’ needs to disappear from our vocabulary as soon as possible.

Before founding MELICHAR Bros. in 2020, he led the packaging division at the brand agency FACTOR for over 25 years, where he developed packaging projects for Adidas, Bosch, C&A, Huawei, Gardena, Omron, and Miele.

Uwe is also a lecturer at several universities, such as the University of Augsburg, a jury at the Pentawards, and a member of the Type Directors Club New York.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.