Design Analytics for Growth

Steve Lamoureux

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Steve Lamoureux is the founder and CEO of Designalytics, a company focused on developing next-generation solutions for design performance measurement to help brands grow through design.

As a former brand manager at Proctor and Gamble, Steve’s passion for package design research led him to establish Designalytics in 2018 to realize his vision of syndicated, standardized design performance measurement and pre-market design testing solutions.

In this episode, we unpack the key metrics and performance dimensions of package design and learn what it takes to create a winning design that captures consumers’ attention and desire. Steve shares invaluable insights on how to pull on the emotional strings of consumers. We also discuss the importance of saying important things better than your competitors and measuring the emotional component of a product.

Steve led product development for Affinnova’s cutting-edge research technologies—and later Nielsen Design Solutions.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.