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Ale Ros

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Ale Ros is an Argentine designer and a reference in the design of rock, pop and electronic album covers in Latin America.

He has designed the cover art for emblematic rock and pop albums for Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Paez, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Mercedes Sosa, Divididos, Vicentico, Miranda!, Juana Molina, Babasónicos and Damas Gratis, among many others.

He was honored on numerous occasions with the Excellence Award from the Society for News Designs and received the Platinum Konex, eight Carlos Gardel awards and three Latin Grammys.

In this episode, we talk about his journey from Tucumán, Argentina to become a reference in album cover design. We discussed why it is crucial to generate an image that not only makes a good first impression, but also has the ability to tell a story. Ale also confessed to me why he hates the way supermarket packs look.

He designed pieces for renowned musicians and contemporary artists of the national scene, for channels like MTV, nightclubs like the emblematic Morocco and institutions like Goethe-Institut, Malba and Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK). With a strong visual communication and at the same time poetic, his pieces are recognized for their creativity and conceptualization that he achieves through few resources: pregnant photographic images, synthetic messages and few colors that he achieves “entering the universe of the other”.

In the editorial field, since 1996 he has developed thousands of covers for the supplements Radar, Soy and Las/12 (of the Página/12 newspaper), which stand out for their use of powerful visual metaphors resolved in a short execution time.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.