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Ximena O’Reilly

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Ximena O’Reilly is Global head of design at Nestlé.

Since her arrival at Nestlé in 2013, Ximena has spearheaded a design revolution, introducing innovative work methodologies, digital tools, and dynamic resource models. Together with her team, she ensures every department, regardless of its function, is equipped to drive brand-building activities, emphasizing the critical role of brand identity and design.

In this episode, Ximena shares her remarkable journey, transitioning from the agency side to the client side of the industry. We explore the fascinating world of crafting a brand communication standard that engages all five senses, and how ‘backstories’ are intricately woven into product packaging, creating powerful brand narratives. Additionally, we reflect on the unique challenges and experiences Ximena has encountered as a woman in both the corporate and design realms.

Prior to Nestlé, Ximena was Director, Brand Design at Mondelez where she guided design strategy for brands including Milka, Cadbury, Tassimo, and Toblerone. Earlier, Ximena worked mostly agency-side focusing on brand strategy and identity.

She started her career in San Francisco working on technology and service branding. Born in Chile, Ximena grew up in Europe and California, and spent time in Japan, France and Chile during her studies.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.

Inspiring brands to take a new look at their packaging.